Matawi Mead: Great for your Palate and the Planet


Where can I find Matawi Mead products?


Does Matawi ship internationally?

  • Matawi does not currently ship internationally; however we are in discussions with international distributors to ensure our tipsy honey range soon becomes available on your shores.


What is the Matawi Mead return policy?

  • Matawi does not accept returns as our products are consumable. We urge you to contact us promptly in the event you have any queries or concerns pertaining to your order:


What ingredients are used in mead? / What are the ingredients and nutritional information of mead?

  • Honey, water, and yeast are the three ingredients used to make mead.
  • The Matawi range is all-natural: we rely exclusively on African fruits, herbs, teas, botanicals and spices to infuse flavour into our meads. Our products are free of any artificial flavourants and preservatives. 


Is Matawi Mead gluten free?

  • While mead is naturally gluten-free, braggot contains added grain (malt). Please refrain from drinking Matawi braggot if you suffer from celiac or are gluten intolerant.


What is the best way to enjoy the Matawi Mead range?

  • Sip Matawi Gin & Matawi Liqueur on the rocks, pair with the Matawi Mead Mixer for a more complex offering, enjoy a classic pairing with tonic, or dash with sparkling or soda water for a guilt free drink. For more inspiration, refer to our recipe page here.


Can I purchase Still Mead?

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Where is Matawi Mead produced?

  • Matawi Mead is produced and bottled in Cape Town, South Africa.


What is ‘iqhilika’?

  • Iqhilika is the Xhosa name for mead, which was made by blending water and honey in a calabash that was sealed and stored in a warm cavern or a hollowed-out anthill until the mixture fermented.