Matawi Mead: Great for your Palate and the Planet


Matawi’s alcoholic honey beverage range uses water exclusively for production. This is in contrast to other forms of alcohol such as wine, vodka, rum and beer, which are made from base ingredients that must be irrigated for months, consuming additional water during production. This makes the Matawi mead range far less water-intensive; hence it’s not only great for your palate, but also the planet!
Matawi’s eco-focus extends beyond water conservation: we only use recycled/recyclable packaging, and prioritise sustainability not only in our production but our entire value chain.

Reducing Inequality & Supporting Local Economies

Matawi is committed to creating employment and income-generating opportunities for historically disadvantaged groups, particularly rural women and youth. As a company headquartered in South Africa, we are motivated to play our part to reduce poverty in the most unequal society in the world. Therefore, we collaborate with black-owned honey producers, prioritizing the training and capacitation of emerging beekeepers, to whom Matawi can offer reliable market access, at assured fair prices.

Preserving African Heritage

Matawi is proud to contribute to the preservation of South Africa’s indigenous mead-making heritage, while simultaneously drawing on contemporary wine-making, brewing and distilling practices to bring a more sophisticated ‘iqhilika’ and ‘karri’ to a contemporary, global audience.

Organizational Culture of Respect and Customer Excellence

Matawi’s business operations are conducted in a manner respectful of South Africa’s laws and global human rights and ethical standards. Matawi has positioned itself as a proudly African, premier alcoholic brand, and thus strives to deliver consistently high standards of excellence to our customers and broader stakeholders. If we fall short of this aspiration, please write to us at to let us know how we can improve.